June 2020 Update

Bayside members,

It’s hard to believe it has been three months since I last wrote a note out to everyone. Sorry if I should have gotten in touch sooner but the virus and our fearful leaders have kept such a lid on all social activities that it has been hard to plan for much of anything.

By the way, who do we have as members now? Do you still consider yourself as a member of the Bayside Club? We hope so.

Back in March we were very close to having a club meeting at the pizza joint and I was suggesting we get back to monthly rather than quarterly meetings when the shelter in place order came about and our plans went into the bin. So it has been a pretty poor past six months for the club with the passing of Jack our raffle master and the lack of attendance at our Christmas dinner. We must not have done a very good job advertising that.

With restrictions loosening a little and our own new appreciation of cleanliness protocols maybe we can start planning on getting together for something akin to a meeting of club members. Can we get a dozen members together for an outdoor meeting at say, Baylands Park in Sunnyvale early on a Sunday for example? Fly a plane, do some loops, and have a conversation about what we can do as a club? Probably not all at the same time but you get the idea. Maybe a Saturday evening at a member’s home? BBQ perhaps, if you can stand the exposure? At least we could get together and figure this thing out because right now the club is shall we say, stagnant, and we really should get it back on track.  Having said all that, the club needs some additional officers as soon Vance will be moving away leaving just Mike and Alex on deck. We need some help to run the club and get it moving again.

And speaking of help and getting involved, here is the last piece of business I’d like to touch on. The Bayside Auction date is Saturday, October 10th this year and we will definitely need everyone’s help. Last year went really well using the computer system for the second time which made it run smoothly and I heard no complaints about the new way. The usual problems at
the end of the day were very minimal and we cleaned things up quickly. Given our loss of Jack at the registration table and the probability that Vance won’t be at his post as the payout cashier, we have two very critical roles needing filling. Please mark your calendars and plan to help.
Finally, my notes to the club are only one-sided. I’d really like to hear back from members once in a while with your thoughts so if you have any input at all, I’d love to hear it. Email me at iflyi16@comcast.net  and let me know you’re out there.


Mike West