Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers were generated based on several years of web site and at-the-field questions to members of the Bayside R/C club.

The club is without an official field at this time. As such we cannot advise on when or where to fly.

Take a look at the field rules page and then visit the membership page to sign-up online.

There is a yearly fee for regular membership. It’s currently $45 for adults and $30 for children. No initiation or start-up fee is required. AMA membership (required) and FAA fees are extra.

There is no flying field at present, so there are no recommendations on whether to fly or not fly various different types of aircraft.

No flying field at the moment.

The approximate street address is 7640 Mowry Ave. Newark, California, 94560.

Contact one of our flight instructors and schedule a visit and training session. It’s offered at no cost to club members.

The runway is 440 x 44 ft and is covered by a US 230 Woven Filtration material placed over hard packed earth. Even after it rains, the area drains quickly and is ready to fly off of once again.

There is no field and thus no locking code right now.

The FAA requires most modelers who fly aircraft between .55 to 55 pounds to register with the FAA. Modelers will receive a single FAA registration number which is to be placed inside all aircraft. You can register at You need to register your name, physical address, and email address once. You will receive a single FAA registration number which is to be placed inside all of your aircraft along with your AMA number.

AMA is the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Becoming a member with the AMA grants you access to liability coverage for the operation of model Aircraft, Boats, Cars, and Rockets, comprehensive general liability protection for model activities for members, clubs, site owners, and sponsors and accident/medical coverage for members. This insurance helps protect you, your property, and the property of others while engaged in model activities at an AMA site. And as stated elsewhere, AMA membership is required to use the Bayside R/C club field.

No, there are no RV water, power or sewer hook ups available.

There is an on site port-o-potty for club use. No sink or water sources are available at this time.

Not at this time. The club is currently investing in some solar power and battery stations for limited battery charging. More details to come.

Our AMA sanctioned flying site is not intended for commercial use and we are not interested in opening it up for this kind of use. There are several suitable non sanctioned flying sites around that you might be able to use to train your customers.

Drone, UAV and FPV flying information will be updated once there is information about a flying field.

Not at this time. We have had several members ask about setting up a track, though. If this is something you are interested in, please contact the club president and let him know.

Yes, we allow helicopters. We have a separate area just for helicopter hover practice. However, any helicopters in forward flight requires flight off the main runway and a requirement to stay within the same flying boundaries that our airplanes use.

Without a flying field we cannot answer this question, sorry.

If you have thoughts, ideas, expertise or just free labor, contact the club president and let him know. He would welcome the assistance.

There is no flying field to visit at this time, sorry.

Bring your proof of have a full and current AMA (not park pilot) membership with you to the field and speak to someone flying there, as it shouldn’t be a problem to fly. If you plan to use the facility regularly, however, we require that you join the club.