Club Info

Here are some quick facts about the Bayside R/C Club:

  • The club has no flying field at present.
  • The club is an AMA chartered club (#1411) .
  • The club can accept new members.
  • The full set of club rules and regulations, as they currently stand, are posted here.

We have seen all kinds of craft fly at the club, from small foam park flyers, quads and drones, to larger electric planes, to nitro powered warbirds, gasoline powered 3D ships and including turbine powered jets. All have been flown successfully and smoothly from the runway surface.

General Rules for the Flying with our club:

  • Don’t fly this side (where you are standing) of the runway.
  • Don’t fly over people.
  • Don’t fly over roads or vehicles.
  • Don’t fly anywhere you can’t see your aircraft line-of-sight.
  • Don’t crash where you can’t retrieve your aircraft.
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