Remembering Jack Petersen

Sorry to bring you bad news, but to get right to the point of this message, I’m writing to inform everyone that our Bayside Raffle Master has passed away. I know it has been way too long since we were at our flying site but you may recall visiting with Jack Petersen there or seeing him helping Dave with the monthly BBQ’s we used to have at the field. Since he said he had a job once that included driving a forklift, I took every opportunity to let him have that job at the field when we moved things around with Carl’s equipment. The last time was to pull up the runway material where Jack drove the forklift as a tractor towing the fabric behind. We’d cut it into manageable pieces and load them into a trailer for disposal. There was also this big dozer which we were not using but Jack had to climb up just to try it on for size.

If you didn’t catch him at the field then you certainly experienced him at our monthly, then quarterly, club meetings as he held the raffle every time. He was often very creative in how he’d run the raffle and tried several different ways by wrapping the prizes or doing a double blind draw where the person with the winning ticket would then draw a number from a sock to correspond with the item he’d end up with. Jack always tried to have fun with it and wished we’d give him enough money for the Christmas Dinner meeting so he could get something for everyone.

Speaking of that, Jack was always early to the meetings and would set up his prizes ahead of time. So I was surprised and then concerned when he did not show up at the dinner and did not answer my calls to him. The next Monday I received a call from his sister Jeanette that he had passed away from a heart attack possibly Friday the day before the dinner. I was sad to hear that and to miss another friend from the RC hobby. He was a fun guy, always happy and loved to help out at the field, our meetings, and the auction.

We have word from Jack’s sister that a Celebration of Life for Jack Peterson will be held Tuesday January 14th @1:00 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 48950 Green Valley Rd. Fremont. This is just east of 680 at Scott Creek Rd. All club members and friends are invited and encouraged to attend. Your presence will show the family how much Jack meant to us.Please help spread the word