Field Rules

Field Rules Overview

The club is not operating at a fixed flying site right now. The following is a simplified set of rules. Expected updates and changes to the rules will be posted conspicuously at the field and must be followed.

  • We recommend that you follow the FAA requirements and have your FAA number on your aircraft.
  • Pilots – You are responsible for watching for cars and trucks at the end of runways AND – be aware that we do have low flying full size aircraft passing over the flight space. ALWAYS bring your aircraft down well below their altitude until they pass.

General Rules:

  • In addition to these rules, the current AMA National model Aircraft Safety Code applies at the Bayside RC Club (Bayside) flying field.
  • You must have current AMA and be a member of Bayside or the guest of a member to fly at the Bayside field.
  • Guest flyers must have current AMA membership. The sponsoring Bayside member is responsible for ensuring that the guest understands these rules and is competent to fly.
  • All aircraft must perform a radio range check prior to the first flight of the day.
  • A battery voltage check must be done prior to each flight.
  • Per AMA rules, you must have your name, address, phone number & AMA number inside your aircraft.
  • Any 72mhz radios are used at your own risk and requires communication with other pilots to ensure no conflicts.
  • Pilots must stand at the flight stations or designated pilot areas.
  • Practice good communication at the flight line. Loudly announce all intentions to taxi, take off, land or cross the runway.
  • No taking off from the pits or taxiways.
  • Hovering and low 3D type maneuvers must be done beyond the far side of the runway.
  • No spectators are permitted in the pit area without the permission of a club member.
  • Pets must be confined by a leash. Clean up after your pets!
  • Use the run up area to tune and break-in engines, NOT the pits or startup area.
  • Do not pit in the startup area. Move all startup equipment aside after each flight.

Final word

It is our intention to provide a safe and organized place for all of us to practice and enjoy the hobby. You must employ common sense and cooperation while at the field and respect the needs and capabilities of others as we continue to develop the flying site.